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Personalized luxury for people traveling for all the right reasons.

Live like a local in a place you’ve never been.

Take the people you love to visit the sights you’ve always wanted to see.

Follow your roots back to a native land.

Kickstart a new chapter with an unforgettable adventure.

Lie back and relax under a brand new sky.

It’s your story. We’re just helping you write it.

Here's what we think:

Destinations aren't visited.

They're experienced.

When does Barcelona shut down for a siesta?
Is a British Sunday roast really only served on Sunday?
What time of year do the whale sharks return to La Paz?

The details make the difference. By giving our members the insider knowledge and the means to travel to unique hidden corners of the globe, we honor both our storytellers and the places they visit.

Learn how we can help

We've realized that:

Everything is easier when you can talk to a real person.

Here’s a secret: travel agents didn’t go anywhere - we’ve just gotten better.

At Tory Ellers we know you, so we only make plans that we’re confident you’ll enjoy.

We also know where you’re going. We don’t recommend any location or activity that hasn’t been thoroughly researched, checked, and double-checked by travel experts and in-destination professionals.

Trip planning doesn’t have to look like hours reading through travel blogs and scrolling social media. And when you book alone, you travel alone too. No thanks.

Instead, let’s skip to the good part.

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The Tory Ellers' Travel Experience

Become a member

Choose between our Explora or Signature Membership

Then, fill out your Member Profile with the details we’ll need to get to know you better.

Pick your destination

Know where you want to go? Then it’s time for your first bespoke trip.

Reach out to your travel consultant for a trip questionnaire and we’ll book a 20 minute discovery call with plenty of time for questions.

After that, the only thing left to do is sign your proposal.

Receive your itinerary

Flights? Chartered. Accomodations? Reserved. Activities? Booked.

Your travel consultant will review your itinerary during a pre-trip planning call.

Travel remarkably

Zip up your suitcase, and head for the airport.

Make memories. Seize the day. Broaden your horizons.

And most of all, come home with some fantastic stories.

Share your stories

We can’t wait to hear how it went.

Join your travel consultant for a brief post trip call and tell us all about it.

Meet your Travel Consultant

Bringing nearly a decade of experience to each itinerary.

Pamela Garza

Consultant, Founder

Growing up in Mexico, all I had was stories. Just hearing a place described was enough for me to fall in love with it.

As a traveler, I’m not content just knowing a place – I want to understand it.

As a travel consultant, I unearth the desire behind the destination, to make sure you not only go where you want but experience it the way you deserve.

Visited: 4 Continents
Lived in: Mexico, Canada, United States & Greece
Current Property Obsession: Passalacqua, Lake Como, Italy
Never travels without: Packing cubes, a blanket scarf, and plane snacks.

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"We start as travelers, then become storytellers."

- Pamela Garza

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